Realme 5 price in Pakistan | Justified Or Not

Justified Or Not???

The Realme 5 continues the Chinese invasion, with Oppo spin-off Realme now offering extremely low devices in Europe and the US alongside Oppo, Honor, Huawei, Xiaomi, and others. The Realme 5 is one of its most recent affordable products, a type of follow-up to the Realme 3.

You’re not getting the most up-to-date smartphone specs here, but you’re also not paying near-flagship costs, so you could consider that a decent trade-off. In this section, we’ll put the Realme 5 price in Pakistan to the test in every important category. The Realme 5 price in Pakistan is about  24,500 Rs.

Realme 5 enhances the camera’s basic capabilities with a 12MP AI Quad Camera, ultra-wide Angle, portrait, and Macro lens, providing a new photography experience with a wider variety of functions and meeting the demands of additional ways to shoot.

The Realme 5 comes with a 5,000 mAh Li-Po battery. With its high battery capacity, the Realme 5 price in Pakistan with its battery level is said to be the smartest in the category of mobile phones in Pakistan.

Realme 5 is equipped with the newest generation middle-class Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 AIE Octa-Core 11nm 4 2.0 GHz Kryo 260 Gold SoC, as well as GPU Adreno 612. This SoC has significantly lesser performance characteristics than the Snapdragon 660 (octa-Core 2, 2GHz), but the power business is considerably more efficient for the Snapdragon 665.

In terms of RAM and internal storage (LPDDR4X/UFS 2.1), the device is offered in three configurations: 3 GB + 32 GB, 3 GB + 64 GB, and 4 GB + 128 GB considering these features with the price of 24000 Rs, It could be said that the Realme 5 price in Pakistan is completely justified.

Does the Design Justifies the Realme 5 Price in Pakistan??

Realme 5 price in Pakistan in terms of design could be concluded as it comes with a good design and builds quality, especially with this price point, and it comes equipped with a 6.5-inch screen and a back camera with four lenses (though one of those lenses is a depth sensor). A battery with a capacity of 5,000mAh is also quite generous.

The phone does come with some trade-offs, as one would expect from a phone that is on sale for this low price. The screen resolution is a little poor, the internal components are not the greatest on the market, and there are no exciting extras like waterproofing or wireless charging,

Therefore these factors might not make the Realme 5 price in Pakistan to be the smartest but for a price point like 24500 rs, these factors could be kept aside for such a price point like that of Realme price in Pakistan.

Does The Screen Quality Justifies the Realme 5 Price in Pakistan??

The Realme 5 has a 6.5-inch screen, which we’ve already stated, as well as a small teardrop notch, relatively thin bezels, and a few well-placed curves, so it can surely compete in terms of aesthetics.

We don’t expect you to feel humiliated when you take out the Realme 5 from your pocket, although its design is uninspiring and the screen’s resolution of 1,600 x 720 pixels isn’t the sharpest.

Fingerprint sensor

The fingerprint sensor is located around the back of the phone, along with the quad-lens camera, which is neatly positioned in the corner of the phone’s display (there is quite a chunky camera bump though).

The Realme 5 has a headphone jack and a speaker on the bottom, while the Realme 3 has a micro-USB port on the top don’t worry if you’ve thrown away all of your micro-USB cables since you’ll receive one in the box with the Realme device.


Color Options

When it comes to the  Realme 5 price in Pakistan and its color options you have two color options: blue or purple. Both of these colors have a textured diamond look, which adds a little visual glitter when the phone catches the light.

The phone may appear a touch ostentatious or it may appear to be a much-needed change from the plain phones that now dominate the market, depending on your point of view.

Does the Significance of Realme 5 justifies the Realme 5 Price in Pakistan??

When you hold the Realme 5 in your hand, it does have a light and cheap feel to it there’s a lot of plastic in this device – but generally, we’d say it’s a well-made and well-designed piece of technology.

As a result, it is only classed as “splash resistant,” not waterproof, and there is no wireless charging, so you’ll have to make do with plugging your phone in every time you want to give the battery a boost. If you want wireless charging, you’ll have to go elsewhere.

Depending on the configuration you choose, the Realme 5 will provide you with a mid-range Snapdragon 665 processor and either 3GB or 4GB of RAM (definitely go for 4GB, if you get the chance).

All of your daily tasks should be accomplished with that amount of processing power; just be prepared for the odd extra few milliseconds of wait time while switching between applications or loading up games. The fact that Realme is saving money in this area is one of the reasons behind this.

Expect nothing spectacular from the Realme 5’s 12MP+8MP+2MP+2MP camera. It may be crammed with lenses, but there’s no telephoto zoom, and the photographs you’ll receive will be good rather than excellent in quality.

In today’s world, even the weakest camera phones are capable of producing acceptable results; but, when you zoom in on these photographs, you won’t see much detail, and low-light shots are a touch of hit and miss (though still okay, for most of the time).

Every smartphone is a compromise between specifications and affordability, and if you’re searching for stunning images or exceptional performance, you’ll have to seek elsewhere.

If you’re looking to spend as little money as possible, the Realme 5 could be the phone for you. By the way, you receive 32GB, 64GB, or 128GB of internal storage, which you can increase with a memory card if necessary.

While using the Realme 5, the only significant aggravation we had to deal with was the Color OS version of Android, which, like a lot of other Chinese variations, is garish and bloated in comparison to the rest of the system.

The battery life was much better, with the phone going from 100 percent to 92 percent after an hour of video streaming, which was a very good result, with the phone frequently making it to the end of the day with plenty of energy left in the tank to spare.

Should You Buy The Realme 5 Considering the Realme 5 Price in Pakistan?

The Realme 5 is a good phone, but it’s not a great one. If you shop around online, you can get it for less than £200, which makes it difficult to be too critical of its shortcomings. Of course, you can spend five times that amount on a flagship handset these days, so you pay your money and adjust your expectations accordingly.

Its software is a touch underwhelming, its 10W micro-USB charging is a little sluggish by today’s standards, and its performance isn’t something to write home about either. The fact that Realme has avoided the difficulties that Huawei has had in negotiating partnerships with US corporations means that all of the Google applications and services are fully functional and accurate.

Conclusion to Realme 5 Price in Pakistan:

Does Realme 5 Prices in  Pakistan are worth to pe Paid or not?

Remember to evaluate it against all of the other low-cost Android phones that are now available; you may discover that it is worthwhile to pay a little more money for a better phone.  In addition, practically new flagship phones and mid-range smartphones may sometimes be found at favorable price points, particularly if they are soon to be replaced with new models.





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