Rank of Pakistan in Technology; Amazing Facts And Figures (2021)

Pakistan is known for some of its achievements in science and technology such as the successful development of media and military technology...

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Pakistan is known for some of its achievements in science and technology such as the successful development of media and military technology and the growing number of MBBS doctors and engineers as well as new arrivals of software engineers who have contributed to Pakistan’ IT industry.

Science is a growing sector in Pakistan and it has played a significant role in the development of the country since its inception. Pakistan has a large body of scientists, technicians, doctors, and engineers, who play an active role in science and technology development. 

The real development of science in Pakistan took place after the establishment of the Higher Education Commission in 2002, which supported science on a large scale and also became a major sponsor of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences under the leadership of Prof. Atta-ur-Rehman (first scientist from the Muslim World to be elected as Fellow of Royal Society).

During the period 2000-2008, under the leadership of Prof. Atta-ur-Rehman as the Federal Minister for Science and Technology and later as the Chairman of the Higher Education Commission, the significant change in science and higher education was appreciated by many. Independent experts and a study published in Nature called it “the force of nature.”

The first Pakistani winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics, Dr. Abdul Salam was the father of physics research in Pakistan. Under Salam’s supervision, mathematicians and physicists dealt with the biggest and most significant problems in physics and mathematics. From 1960 to 1974, Salam was responsible for bringing research to its peak. This gave Pakistani mathematicians and physicists international recognition, giving them the opportunity to conduct their research at CERN.

Importance of Technology

Science and technology are key factors in the pace of development in society. Science and technology directly change people’s quality of life and the way they connect and communicate with each other. Technological improvements provide the basis for economic growth, infrastructure development, and health system. The development of science and technology in developing countries plays an important role in alleviating the poverty level, and technological advancement can be considered as the engine of development.


Technology is a great tool for tackling poverty and boosting the economic growth of developing countries. The modernity of any society is a manifestation of the implementation of science and technology by these nations. Modernity depends only on the advancement of science and technology. The ranking of countries is based on economic development, which depends on the use and importance of science and technology among the people of that nation. Modernity transforms villages into towns and towns into cities.

Technology involves a large portion of the knowledge and tools that facilitate the use of economic resources as a way to develop goods and services efficiently and innovatively. Technological advancement is essential for economic growth and development, and the more advanced technology becomes available, the faster the local and global economy can improve. The role of technology in the development of country has been further eroded.

Time is Money

Technology contributes to the overall profitability of the business, saving time in producing or providing good service.


Advanced technology has done more research in almost every field of business and science, meaning businesses can benefit from all kinds of technological advances.

Natural Resources

Technology has a huge impact on the ability of businesses and governments to access natural resources, and they are most effectively used to benefit both businesses and the economy.



Technology has led to an increase in the distribution of labour and the specialization of jobs within the business, which further enhances the efficiency of running the business.

Industrial Expansion

With the ever-improving state of technology and increased labour efficiency, businesses are able to increase total productivity, resulting in higher profits and greater economic growth.

The Internet and International Trade

Information technology is the single most important factor in the success and development of the international trade and job market, which allows businesses to share and trade information in the blink of an eye.


Technology can contribute to the efficiency of a business’s production rate, allowing large quantities of products to be transported or services to be provided.

Rank of Pakistan in Global Innovation Index

Pakistan has jumped 8 places from 107th in 2020 to 99th position in 2021 in Global Innovation Index. The country ranks 17th out of 34 low-middle-income countries in the list, while it ranks 7th out of 10 Central and South Asian economies. According to the Global Innovation Index 2021, Pakistan’s performance this year has been in line with its growth rate relative to GDP. 

In addition, the country has produced more ‘innovation products’ than its ‘innovation investment’ level this year, Institutions, knowledge, business sophistication, creative results, and technology results. Out of the 10 Central and South Asian countries on the list, Pakistan performs well in most of these key four areas. Institutions, business sophistication, knowledge & technology outputs, and creative outputs. 

The report points out that Pakistan has performed well in the field of knowledge and technology while it has performed the weakest in the field of market sophistication. The Global Innovation Index is published annually, comparing the innovative strengths of 132 countries in seven key areas. Let’s take a look at Pakistan’s ranking in each of these areas.

Area Rank
Knowledge and Technology Outputs 71st
Creative Outputs 87th
Business Sophistication 88th
Institutions 99th
Infrastructure 117th
Human Capital and Research 117th
Market Sophistication 120th

As far as overall rankings are concerned, Switzerland tops the Global Innovation Index for the 11th consecutive year. Switzerland is followed by Sweden, the United States, and the United Kingdom in the 2021 index. The top four of the Global Innovation Index 2021 has not changed since last year.


Pervez Hoodbhoy published a report on scientific production in Pakistan in which he claimed that research and scientific activities are less than in many other developing countries. Hoodbhoy’s objections to the use of old data have been questioned. Since the establishment of the Higher Education Commission in 2002, the increase in research production from Pakistan has been appreciated.

The continued use of outdated methods in teaching science education in Pakistan’s educational institutes, as well as the lack of emphasis on developing qualified science teachers, is hindering the country’s ability to specialize in science and technology, a policy According to public and private sector experts in a dialogue at the Aga Khan University Institute for Educational Development. It is compulsory for government to change the educational system and implement the practical education.


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