How technology has taken over the world in (2022) | A comprehensive guide

In the last 2 to 3 decades, technology has taken over the world massively become a crucial part of our social and individual lives, to the point where it has embraced our lives. Stop reading this post for a moment and look around. What do you see? Do you see smartphones, commuters, gadgets, and tech? Notice how technology has been surrounded by different appliances and devices.

Cell phones in your pocket, laptops on your desk, ceiling fan, thermostat, even LED lights – are all technological devices. We can notice how technology has transformed every aspect of our lives over time and how technology has taken over the world We can’t spend a day without using any type of tech device, be it a mobile phone, a TV, household items, or any other device.

We know that people are more connected to the Internet today than they were five years ago. Today, technology is increasingly making it is possible to automate a large portion of the labor performed by people. According to Oxford research published in 2022, automated processes would replace more than 47% of employment in America during the next two decades.

Of fact, as several commentators have remarked, although technology has historically eliminated some sorts of professions, it often generates new ones. Technology is a collection of tools that are used to improve efficiency and decrease human labor.

 The tech revolution has eliminated some jobs but created many more. It has developed a middle class that can enjoy major facilities like education, health, etc.

How does technological evolution take place?

Technology drives our lives in this modern era. Mobile phones, computers, and tablets- we really can’t work without them. Technology has exploded in the market in a short period. People cannot expect to live without it.

Mobile phones were used only to make and receive calls a decade ago. Today, smartphones do everything from web browsing to navigation, from taking high-resolution photos to watching videos, and from playing games to controlling your movements. It’s amazing how this little device can meet basic communication needs as well as handle on-demand tasks.

The rapid tech evolution has occurred since the mid-2000s. The advent of the Internet has changed the way we live in the world. We can describe the evolution of technology and how technology has taken over the world in three stages.

  1. Creation of tool

The invention of the tool was the first stage of technical progress. A tool confers a mechanical advantage to the performer when accomplishing a physical job such as a hammer, that reaches its goal more efficiently by increasing physical exertion. Tools help you do things you can’t do alone with your body power.

  1. Creation of machine

The next stage of the evolution of technology was the creation of the machine. A machine is a device that replaces a component or all elements of human effort. You only need to control and monitor its functions. The Industrial Revolution has expanded machines, although windmills, a type of machine, are very old. The most common example of a machine is a smartphone.

  1. Evolution of automation

The last and final stage is the evolution of automation. Automation is a type of machine that uses automated algorithms to remove the element of human control. The common examples of automation are digital watches, computer programs, light-detecting diodes, automatic switches, etc.

 technology has taken over the world: Positive impacts


following are some positive impacts on how technology has taken over the world:


Technology has greatly improved the healthcare system. The modern healthcare system is based entirely on technology. For example, the devices used to diagnose diseases are the result of tech, medicines are developed using tech techniques, and all surgical instruments are tech tools. Artificial intelligence is already being used to diagnose many diseases and prescribe medicines.


The advent of technology has made education much easier. Students who can’t get a proper school education can get an education through technology. For example, they can participate in virtual classrooms on the Internet and gain better knowledge of any part of the world. Also, the mood for education is changing. We do not need to enroll in any institute to learn some skills. We can learn almost all skills on the Internet.

Equal opportunities

The global goal behind the technology is to bring equality in products and services and reduce socio-economic disparities between societies and individuals. Technology has given people equal opportunities to succeed. It maintains quality and provides opportunities to people on merit.

 technology has taken over the world: negative impacts


following are some negative impacts of how technology has taken over the world:


Fake news and misinformation have been with us for a long time, but with the advancement of technology, this trend has rapidly increased, and it is difficult for people to understand what is true and what is not. This propaganda tool is used to advance someone’s interests and harm enemies, and the emotions of the people are misused.

Poor mental health

Excessive use of social media and mobile apps can lead to serious mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. This is especially detrimental at a young age when young people feel lonely and frustrated after comparing themselves to so-called celebrities who are not really living the ideal life. There should be proper education on how to use technology and how helpful it is.

Examples of how technology has taken over the world

Elon Musk’s electric cars are the latest example of how technology has taken over the world. It is the inspiring story of a determined man who made it possible that was considered impossible or was thought to be possible in two or three decades.

This young automaker changed the automobile industry forever. Tesla, led by Elon Musk, has made great strides in removing major obstacles to the introduction of mainstream electric cars. Tesla is upgrading the performance of its cars over time. The invention of the electric car revolutionized the world of technology. Now, we can drive cars without utilizing the limited fossil fuels. Electricity can be produced using renewable sources, all these examples prove that technology has taken over the world massively.

This revolutionary invention will help us to keep our environment clean and safe. Tesla’s latest models are using solar panels to run their machinery. This is an environmentally friendly initiative. The most important effect of this invention is that other companies will also start making products that use renewable energy sources. We expect all the tools of everyday life to be switched to this technology shortly.


Technology is innovating with each passing day. The use of technology is evident in every aspect of our lives. All we need to do is use technology for a positive cause. We should know how to use the technology and to what extent it is helpful. The way technology is advancing gives us an opportunity to be a part of this development and build our empire. It is providing job opportunities on merit. No one can surpass us with his personal relations if he is not skillful.

We conclude that we cannot live without using technology in this modern age of science and the internet. We can’t even imagine living without using tech devices for a couple of days. If we don’t misuse it and use it for the betterment of humanity and to lift up our society, the world will be transformed into a peaceful and noble society all the impacts and information stated above prove that technology has taken over the world and have a massive impact on it.


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