Clifton Beach; Best things to do at clifton beach (2021)

Clifton Beach   Clifton Beach, also known as Sea View in Karachi, Pakistan, is located in the Arabian Sea. It stretches from...

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clifton beach

Clifton Beach


clifton beach

Clifton Beach, also known as Sea View in Karachi, Pakistan, is located in the Arabian Sea. It stretches from Karachi to Ormara. The beach is very famous in Pakistan. It is open to the public 24/7. Karachi is the most important coastal city of Pakistan, and this beautiful city has several opportunities for visitors and fun-seekers. Beaches of Karachi are on the top of the list. Clifton Beach aims to provide the best opportunities for enjoyment and recreation for tourists.

Clifton Beach is the busiest beach in Karachi, although here you would rather walk than swim. There is nothing special about the beach because made of mud-brown sand, but people are happy to see it. Clifton is one of the busiest neighborhoods in Karachi, but the beach attracts the whole of society. It is deserted before late afternoon, and Sunday is the busiest. The beach paints a positive picture of Karachi.

If you are planning to visit Karachi then you must visit Clifton Beach, or this is a great opportunity for foreigners who come to Pakistan for tourism. Here is a complete guide to Clifton Beach.

clifton beach

Location of Clifton Beach

Clifton Beach is located across the Sea View Road (new name: Abdul Sattar Edhi Avenue) that runs through Clifton’s affluent seaside residential areas and Phase 5 / Phase 8 of the Defence Housing Authority aka DHA Karachi.

Why is it called Clifton?

Clifton is a combination of two words – cliff and ton. According to the dictionary, Cliff means the face of a standing rock, usually on the beach. Tin is basically a suffix used for many cities around the world such as Preston, Hamilton, Wellington, Washington, Kingston, and that means farm or state or fashionable society. So, Clifton means Cliff Town.

Usually, people don’t pay attention to the point why a specific name is given to a specific place. As I travel around different places and look around to preserve history, I am now focusing more on my travels to learn about the history and how a particular place got a specific name. It’s a journey to learn, and I encourage readers of this blog to do the same. Travel can teach you things that books can’t.

Activities a Clifton Beach

The Sea View has many attractions that fascinate visitors of all ages. Mecca is a contrasting excitement with a great leisure ride that you can collect at any time at high voltage. Coast dwellers appreciate camel rides and jogging, which are especially modest and reasonable for the white-collar class. Lately, tricycles are turning into a new buzz in the Sea View area, attracting a large number of young people to admire this amazing car on the beach.

Tri-bicycles can be set at an hourly rate, which is the smartest way to appreciate this ride. There are many opportunities for visitors to do different activities at Clifton Beach. There is a full package of activities for visitors.

Shore Walk

Shore walking on the sea view is a favorite activity for people of any age group. There are a lot of people walking on the sea view all the time, so it will not be a romantic walk, but still, it is a good walk for friends and families. Children are playing on the beach. Some crazy visitors even swim in the ocean water. There are no lifeguards, so avoid going so far in the sea water.

Horse Riding and Camel Riding

Visitors have been seen riding camels on the shores of Karachi. The major difference between camels on the beach and elsewhere is the pattern of decoration. You will experience a completely different artwork of camel decorations at the beach. The camels are decorated with lace, cloth, and glass and are very colorful. Horse riding is also a popular activity at Sea View. Horse riding and camel riding are not limited to Sea View Karachi, but it has done in other beaches of the world.

Beach Buggies

This is another activity that attracts adventure lovers. Although Beach Sports is a commonplace site on several beaches around the world, I am not in support of a public beach where buggies are moving fast. It is dangerous for riders and people walking around as well and also causes noise pollution. The government of Pakistan banned beach buggies in Sea View in June 2019 after the death of a child.

Parks in Sea View

Beach View Park and AK Khan Park are famous public gardens on Sea View, providing visitors with green grass and tree shade on the beach. I would personally recommend visiting Nishan e Pakistan Monument. It is the national solidarity monument and is next to A.K Khan Park. Nishan e Pakistan Monument has the country’s second-largest flag pool.

Bin Qasim Park, just across the road, is the largest urban park in Karachi as well as in Pakistan. The park is quite old, formerly known as Roop Chand Balaram Park. The garden was restored by Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan, and Wasim Akhtar, the Mayor of Karachi on June 2019.


Do Darya Food Street is a collection of several popular restaurants, located on Sea View Road, which runs through McDonald’s, DHA Phase 8, Sindh, Pakistan. This food street was established many years ago. Similarly, Do Darya Spot has its own reputation as one of the best food restaurants in Karachi. As you can see, this is a place where anyone comes for the first time, and then they will like to come again with their beloved.

In this way, food lovers, tourists, and visitors can eat all kinds of delicious food, as well as all food lovers are warmly welcomed in the queue of restaurants and their best mouth-watering food directly in the kitchen. The place is located in a refreshing location, so visitors love to breakfast, lunch and dinner here. The other famous food points include:

  • The Deli
  • Café Aylanto
  • McDonald’s
  • Xander’s Clifton
  • Playa Bar by Rosati Bistro
  • Hoagies
  • Afridi Inn
  • Shinwari Nights
  • Once Upon a Time Café

clifton beach

Shopping at Clifton Beach

Dolmen Mall, Pakistan’s largest shopping mall, is located on Clifton Beach, making it a great shopping destination along the coast. This air-conditioned and well-established mall with superior-quality products and well-educated staff has 4 levels – Level 1, Level 2, Ground, and Lower Ground.

Shops in the mall sell gents’, ladies’ and children’s clothing, household items,   handbags, jewelry, leather goods, watches, and more. The first Carrefour (the first Hyper Star) in Karachi opened at Dolmen Mall and is on the ground floor of the mall. Another one was later opened at Lucky One Mall on Minhas Road. There is a food court at the top level (Level 2) of the mall with fast food and local food options.




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