Best Huawei Phones | Top best features, pros and cons 2021

Best Huawei phones; Huawei is fast becoming one of the world’s largest mobile players, pushing Apple to number two in global smartphone sales in 2019. As it turned out, however, the US embargo gained momentum and has since become another hurdle for the company, an unrestrained march upwards. Huawei was included in the list of US entities back in 2019, which effectively banned trade between Huawei and any US company.

As a result, Google ended its trade with Huawei, and although the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro run open-source Android, they were the company’s first handsets not pre-installed with Google Mobile Services (or GMS). ۔
Tragically, regardless of the Biden organization’s decision, we don’t see it changing at any point in the near future, and this incorporates the Huawei P40 territory, the Mate 40 series, the Mate X2 foldable, and the since quite a while ago postponed P50 series. Awful news for these are altogether clearly able telephones, however, the absence of Google Play is a major issue for some in Western business sectors.

Huawei offers its own elective store with the best Huawei phones, called the App Gallery, yet it’s lighter than Google’s contributions. There is additionally a move from Android to Harmony OS, which Huawei formally dispatched on June 2, notwithstanding, at this stage, there is little idea that its gadget will be out of non-Google markets, and the destiny of Apple might change.

The good news is that all the best Huawei phones that were originally shipped with Google Play services will continue to have access to security updates, Google apps, and services. It basically includes everything up to the Mate 30 range, which arrived at the end of 2019. Android Drama aside, here’s a selection of what we consider to be the best Huawei phones available to buy in 2021.

1. Huawei Mate 20 Pro; (best huawei phones)
• Nice Design
• Bright Display
• Small Notch
• Dependable Battery
• Great Cameras
• No Water Resistance
• Awkward long-term software support

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is easily the most feature-packed phone, even almost a year after its announcement. It has a great camera, stunning screen, excellent performance, competitive battery life, and a lot of extra tricks. If it weren’t for the slightest complaints about Huawei’s slightly offensive software and display rotation, it would be the most complete Android phone I’ve ever used. The camera will be special to many people, but it is really a great all-rounder with a high-quality screen, fast charging, wireless charging, and excellent battery life.

2. Huawei P30 Pro
Pros: (best Huawei phones)
• Stunning Color Options
• Water Resistant
• Tiny Notch
• Trendy Design
• No 3.5mm Audio Port
• No Stereo Speakers

We like P30 Pro. The design is still top-notch, the display is stunning, and the cameras will not disappoint. Prices have dropped since the start of early 2019 and are much better than many rival flagships. If you want to spend less (and get a little less), then consider the Huawei P30. Note that the P30 series was announced before Huawei was added to the US trade bloc, and Google announced its decision to seek support. As such, it has full access to Google apps, services, and security updates, and thus, is the last great Huawei phone to receive our recommendation for the widest range of users.

3. Huawei P30
Pros: (Best huawei phones)
• Well Designed
• Thin, Lightweight
• Powerful Battery
• Super Charging
• No Dust and Water Resistance
• No Stereo Speakers


Huawei’s pitch for the P30 is about its camera, and any reasonable person would agree that the organization has conveyed. The Pro model might be one stride ahead; however, this variant is as yet a counterpart for some, top-of-line telephones. Low light and significant distance shots are the places where Huawei, with its mix of three incredible focal points and some product stunts, really dropped the Gantlet, which Google’s Pixel telephones have battled to match before.

The P30 additionally looks dazzling, with an enormous showcase (and little markings), some really beautiful completions, and a genuinely thin body. Likewise, there is even an earphone jack. Do take note that the P30 was reported before Huawei was put on the US exchange blacklist and Google declared its choice to pull support, and all things considered, keep on having full admittance to Google applications, administrations, and security refreshes.

4. Huaewi Mate X2 (Best Huawei phone)
• Phenomenal Foldable Hardware
• Excellent Display Quality
• Powerful Processer
• Eloquent Design
• No Google Support


• Awkward Long-Term Software Support
Huawei had little practice in making foldable at this stage, and the Mate X2 is a clear indication of the company’s expertise in this growing form factor. The Mate X2 has a beautiful vertical folding design that is powerful both in terms of performance and photography. In fact, the device currently has the best foldable camera, with a clear margin. If only GMS could be part of the equation, it would be the closest tool to saving its forced price tag.

5. Huawei Mate 40 Pro (Best huawei phones)
• Nice Screen
• Great Cameras
• Fast and Wireless Charging
• Excellent Battery Life
• Don’t Support Wireless Charging
• No Google Services

The Mate 40 Pro boasts great hardware and takes incredible photos and videos – probably the best out there when it launches. It also offers a beautiful eye-catching design and innovative performance, but all these definitions are acceptable if you want to buy this device for use outside of China. Apps status means that alerts are plastered everywhere.

Huawei’s own site even forces you to click the ‘Agree’ button on a GMS absence warning message before you can purchase it. Thus, while we, like our predecessors, wholeheartedly recommend the Mate 40 Pro, there is still much missing from the software experience that Huawei will not be able to fix on its own.


6. Huawei P40 (Best huawei phones)
• Compact and Good Looking Design
• Dependable Battery Life
• Fast Charging
• Excellent Photo and Video Quality
• Expensive

• No Wireless Charging
The P40 is a big part of this kit, although it lacks some of the superior features of the Pro and Pro + variants, it can still carry most of the 2020 flagships in terms of photography and raw performance and beats the Galaxy S20 Ultra in most benchmark tests. It’s also a beautiful-looking smartphone with a unique matte glass finish on the back that leaves a soft touch screen, and a bright, crisp 6.1 OLED display to enjoy.

The real problem, of course, is the lack of Google Play services. Huawei has outperformed its competitors, offering significant savings in flagship-level hardware, but you won’t be able to properly access apps like Google Maps and YouTube. If you’re a confident tech expert who doesn’t mind loading apps as well and working around a lesser ecosystem than Google, the P40 is a great phone that costs a lot more, but if you just If you want something like this, you want to get something. Of the box, we suggest going to the second option.



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