Bahria Town Karachi; Best Facilities (2021)

Bahria Town Karachi  Introduction to Bahria town karachi Bahria Town Karachi is a privately owned suburb under construction by the Bahria Town...

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bahria town karachi

Bahria Town Karachi 

Introduction to Bahria town karachi bahria town karachi

Bahria Town Karachi is a privately owned suburb under construction by the Bahria Town Group near Karachi, Pakistan. The suburb occupies about 46,000 acres near the city of Karachi. The community includes the world’s third-largest grand mosque, and the country’s largest cricket stadium.

A cool-fired and LNG-powered electricity generation plant ensures that the community is energy independent. It also has an international standard golf course. The community is planned to house about one million people. The administration has planned to connect the Town to I.I.Chandrigar road by a Metro Bus route in near future.

Bahria Town is the most famous housing community in Karachi. It has managed to capture the imagination of both buyers and investors and maintain it with a good range of property options. On the popular demand, this article will provide the latest details about Bahria Town including facilities, prices, and projects.

Facilities in Bahria Town Karachi

When you buy or rent a property in this posh area of ​​the city, get ready to enjoy a luxurious life. Thanks to the extensive facilities in the society, the advanced community is getting more and more in demand with each coming year. There are many commercial and residential projects within the society that offer lucrative investment opportunities for real estate investors and business people.

Bahria Town has many amenities that make it one of the best places to live in Karachi.

Unique Location

This is an ideal society for people who want to live away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded city. The area is about 40 minutes from Jinnah International Airport and 9 km from the Super Highway tract. It is easily accessible from the city centre because it is on the brink of Malir Cantonment and Jinnah International Airport.

Gated Society

It has been observed that the facilities in Bahria Town are competent with DHA. For starters, both are gated communities. the entire society is planned in such how that it not only looks aesthetically pleasing but is additionally quite calm. Because it’s far away from the crowds of the city, there’s less sound pollution.

The state-of-the-art housing infrastructure, business plans, and modern facilities make it attractive to all or any Karachi residents. Being a mega housing scheme, Bahria Town targets consumers of all market segments because it offers houses, apartments, and plots purchasable to all or any sorts of buyers.

Living in Bahria Town Karachi where it provides benefits, but also connects the residents with the city life and all the amenities.

Educational Institutes:

Bahria Town has international standard educational institutes to ensure the proper educational facilities for its residents. Bahria Town has instituted its own schools and colleges. As this city has modern and much-needed amenities, you are never disappointed when it comes to maintaining the quality of life in Bahria Town.

All residents can enroll their children in Roots Millennium School. If you are considering higher education options, you can also look for other nearby options like Baqai Medical University.


Bahria Town Karachi features a state-of-the-art medical building where medical professionals from all walks of life serve the locals. The Bahria Hospital has experienced staff to serve patients of all ages. 24/7 ER, with internationally trained doctors and medical specialists, the hospital provides the very best level of medical aid to each patient.

The Bahria Town Karachi administration has signed agreements with multi-national companies to take a position in hospitals and medical facilities to serve the residents of Bahria Town, guaranteeing the standard of life in Bahria Town.

High-Level Security

Bahria Town provides 24/4 foolproof security so that residents can enjoy a peaceful and safe environment. Thanks to the comprehensive security system in the entire area, no theft or robbery has been reported so far. Bahria Town has other well-equipped, well-trained, and well-resourced security personnel. You can often see patrol officers ensuring complete security within the society.

Prices in Bahria Town Karachi

The prices of different plots are different. It has been observed that when trade activities rise, some problems also arise. For example, when purchases increase, things become rusty on the sellers’ heads. Similarly, when the market is down, there are more sales, similar problems come from buyers. So far, purchases have increased, demand for supply is sufficient.

This has resulted in large fluctuations as rates change during the last months. Overseas consumers have complained that their sellers are not paying their prices. This is often an honest situation, and everyone puts pressure on the broker, and most of the time, it is the customer who complains about the difference. You can check the rates of property at Bahria Town from SALAAM ESTATE in detail.

Is it good to invest in Bahria Town Karachi?

Bahria Town has modern houses and commercial areas for both residential and investment purposes that you can easily find in Pakistan, where every unit is contemporary in leisure and gives you a really interesting lifestyle with a relaxed atmosphere.

Bahria Town is an amazingly gated society, offering a contemporary lifestyle, with the foremost luxurious luxuries and various amenities. Bahria Town is taken into account as a benchmark and famous land society in Pakistan. the lifestyle of Bahria Town is unrivaled within the whole of Pakistan. thanks to which individuals across the country are showing great interest in its various projects and its residential community.

It is a documented fact that Bahria Town Karachi is a unique society. The settlement is right for housing and commercial purposes. Housing options are categorized in order that potential investors can choose the proper option. To summarize, Bahria Town has launched attractive options. These housing projects are linked to nearby attractions.

Why Bahria Town karachi is considered a great investment in 2021?bahria town karachi

Bahria Town is the first choice of investors when it comes to investing in preeminent areas. In such a short span of time, Bahria Town has reached the pinnacle of housing schemes across Pakistan. That is why it is getting such a strong response from the people, not only from Pakistan but also from abroad, including investors

Here are some basic reason why Bahria Town is considered a great investment in 2021:

  • The infrastructure facilities matches the global standards
  • Residential and Commercial areas are developed by a proper planning scheme
  • Bahria Town has the advanced residential facilities
  • State of the art construction and management 
  • Clean and safe environment
  • No load shedding
  • Reasonable prices of properties
  • Advanced rescue services
  • Master plan of the society
  • International standard medical university


In addition to the essential amenities, Bahria Town Karachi has many facilities that provide a comfortable living experience. Advanced security systems, a personal grid station, tourist attractions, and exceptional land projects guarantee a cushy life.

If you’re trying to find a house purchasable in Bahria Town, you’ll search a good range of land listings online. The exceptional quality of Bahria Town guarantees a luxurious life. this is often one of The explanations why people want to shop for or rent apartments in Bahria Town.

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